2022 NZCSA Professonal Networking | New Zealand Session Review

The road to a successful career is paved with thorns,
But there are always people offering help.
With PN Event helping participants to
Be Prepared , Be Sincere,
The 2 day NZ session has come to a wonderful ending.


There are two days in PN 2022 New Zealand Session.
On the first day of the event, we invited dozens of clubs and outstanding alumni to answer students' questions and be prepared on the road to job hunting in the future.
On the second day of the event, More than 30 well-known local companies and organizations in New Zealand came to the scene to have a direct conversation with students and to help them stand out on the road to job hunting.
As the annual flagship activity of NZCSA, PN encourages students to break through communication barriers and help everyone get their dream offers by building a communication platform between students and famous New Zealand enterprises.

Check In

Participants are checking in and collecting their customised name tag

CDES Speech

Ms. Liudmyla Beraud from Career Development and Emplpyability Services was presenting.

Liudmyla brought participants a full range of job search skills, and shared ways to correctly networking in the workspace. Helping participants to Be Prepared for the career Expo on the second day of the event.

Panel Discussion

Outstading alumni from different fields brought participants some job-hunting experience to share.

By letting students communicate face to face with their predecessors, people will no longer panic in job hunting.

Club Expo

10 + famous associations came to the PN activity site to encourage students to join the community and enrich college life. Accumulating community experience is also a good preparation for job hunting!


Enjoy delicious food along the PN Event

Guest Speech

Mr. Will Xu from shenmanz.com combined his personal experience to bring career planning sharing to students.

Sponsor's Speech

Company representatives from montarne partners, a New Zealand investment bank, presented to the students.

Sponsor's Speech

Bank of New Zealand representatives shared their perspectives with students.

Career Expo

More than 30 local enterprises and organizations in New Zealand came to the scene to communicate with their classmates, and potential offers were available!

We would like to express our gratitude to all of the alumni, businesses, and company representatives who attended the 2022PN event.

We appreciate the chance and assistance you have provided so that we won't get lost while hunting for jobs.

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Staff behind the scene: