2023 Professional Networking 职海引航

About Professional Networking

NZCSA’s Networking event series was first held in 2015 and has become one of our annual flagship events. It has attracted positive response from more than 400 participants every year for its effectiveness in helping students and businesses connect with each other and producing positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Purpose of Professional Networking

As one of NZCSA’s annual flagships events, Professional Networking aims to provide an opportunity for students to communicate with industry professionals and help students address their questions regarding the recruitment. We hope that through participating in our series of events, students will be more familiar with the company culture, able to identify the most suitable careers, and well-equipped with a variety of hard and soft skills.

2023 Professional Networking Event Overview

Day 1 - Boost Station

Date: Friday, 24th July 2023

Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Location: Science Building, 38 Princes Street, University of Auckland

The quality of a resume determines whether you'll get a chance for a job interview. To capture the attention of HR among numerous CVs, you must put effort into crafting your resume: presenting your experiences and skills concisely and coherently while aligning them with the specific requirements of the positions you're applying for. So, how can you build an outstanding CV?

Part I - CV Workshop

A speech delivered by the managers from the PwC, sharing their experiences and suggesstions for students regarding job seeking and will answer any questions our students may have.

Part II - One on one CV Check

In this session, experienced PwC alumni will provide one-on-one detailed editing and polishing advice for the students' resumes. They will thoroughly review each resume and offer targeted suggestions to enrich the content, ensuring that the resumes highlight individual strengths and career objectives more effectively.

Parties Participating

Day 2 - HUAWEI Insights

Date: Monday, 24st July 2023

Time: 18:00 - 20:30

Location: Science Building, 38 Princes Street, University of Auckland

Next up is the second stop of 2023 PN - HUAWEI insightd. Here, experienced professionals from Huawei New Zealand will present an exciting collision of technology and job-seeking insights. During this event, students will not only receive career guidance but also have the opportunity to become "New Product Experience Ambassadors" for Huawei. They will personally experience Huawei's latest technology products and gain in-depth knowledge of their unique charm.

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Day 3 - Alumni's Night / Mentoring Programme

Date: Tuesday, 1st August 2023

Time: TBC

Location: Sir Owen G. Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, University of Auckland

The Mentoring Programme aims to establish an informal and effective communication channel by matching experienced mentors with students (mentees). The mentors will serve as academic and career guides, offering advice from academic guidance to transitioning into the workplace. They will share their valuable insights and help mentees continuously grow on their path of self-development. To provide Chinese university students in New Zealand with a more efficient platform for learning and communication, NZCSA and the Auckland University Alumni Association will kick off the Mentoring Programme during this year's Professional Networking event on August 1st.

Session 3 Highlights:

  • Outstanding alumni from various fields will serve as mentors:
  • provide personalized matching to pair each mentee with a dedicated mentor
  • provide the flexibility for both online and offline communication
  • foster in-depth interactions that span two months
  • mentees will have the opportunity to secure internships or job placements